Raw Food Course with Elaina Love


elaina-love-pure-joy-academyElaina Love is internationally recognized as a leading raw food teacher and chef with over 17 years of professional experience. She is the founder of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a global raw food school, and she has authored three recipe books and three DVDs. Elaina travels the world teaching about raw food and health and certifying people in her coursework. When not traveling, Elaina resides in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

For the first time ever, Elaina is visiting Switzerland and will teach an intensive 3-day raw food class in Zurich.

All three days can be booked as one or individually combined.

This is day 2: Gourmet Raw Food


  • Green juices, Nut Milks, Grain-Free Muesli, Cinnamon Rolls, Scones
  • Honey “Butter” Marmalade and Eggless Omeletes
  • Warm Superfood Elixir (a coffee substitute) and Get Lean Coffee (an amazing, mold-free, rich, flavorful, nourishing beverage for those who enjoy coffee daily)


  • Blended Soups for people on the go!
  • Carb-Free Lemon Herb Dipping Crackers (high in Omega 3’s and Paleo friendly)
  • Nut Cheeses (dairy free): an array of soft and firm cheeses that will satisfy any cheese lover. Learn to culture your own
  • Salad Dressings: Learn to make fresh, flavorful dressings at home!


  • Veggie pastas topped with Zesty Marinara (no cooking required), Fabulous Walnut Pesto and Creamy Cashew Alfredo Sauce
  • Caesar Salad- Fresh, Flavorful and Vegan!
  • Asian Glass Noodle bowl
  • Pot Stickers with Hoisin Dipping Sauce
  • Veggie Nori Rolls with a Sunflower Pate Filling

* All recipes will be included, only the bolded items will be demoed.

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