Rainbow Raw Food Gathering


The idea of this Gathering is to eat fruits, herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts and roots just as mother earth gives them to us – thus without changing them by cooking. We share as sisters and brothers in the spirit of love. Children are welcome.

Please don’t bring dogs! Even well-behaved dogs with conscientious owners will sometimes fight, run, bark, and soil. This would be a problem as our kitchen is always open, our table is on the ground, we eat wild plants which we collect from around the gathering place, and there are wild animals. So please leave your dogs at a friend’s or relative’s place.

This year we have a warmer place, so that we can make it around Easter: in the finca of Patrick and Renate, with some fruit trees, close to Álora, northwest of Málaga. We were there already five days during the Rawfood Gathering from 2011. But meanwhile there was a flood making a lot of damages. Patrick and Renate are looking for people who would like to live there. After the gathering I invite to a Rawfood Walkabout of some days.

Seedcamp: From March 26, we need helpers for preparations.
Costs: On the base of gifts (Magic Hat).
How to get there: Please write an email to: rawfoodinvitation1

More information at: